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OK, you've got a great site.

You want some visitors, right?

One technique is to get your address published in search engines and online directories.

You'll love this.

There are over 600 different major places on the net to promote in!

Now you'll have to take a view on this, or go cybercrazy.

My bet is that most people look at the major search engines first when hunting down the perfect site.

There's a great service which submits you to over 200 sites for free at Broadcaster.co.uk. You fill in one long form, and software goes off and submits for you.

You will need a specially written description and keywords at hand or broadcaster.co.uk will fox you. Here is a hands on guide.

There are other complications, as always!

The search engines present the sites to users in order of usefulness.

The better you score on the searching software, the better your position when a user looks up your type of website.

Tip: Your position actually has little to do with usefulness!

The search software likes repetition, keywords in the page titles and keywords in the alt tag on graphics.

You also score Brownie points for having "meta tags". Relax, it's simple, see for yourself by looking at this page using "display source" on your browser.

You may find it useful to search using your keyword on the different search engines, see who is top dog, check their page and html and see why the search software chose them.

It takes between two and six weeks to show up on the various locations.

Individually promoting lots of pages one by one might be seen as spamming by some search engines.

If you want to read lots of tips, there are promotion info sites out there which contradict each other!.

Oh, and the other hundreds of sites? I'd go for the industry specific ones, and Broadcaster.co.uk or a commercial site promotion firm to promote to a large number of sites.

I invested $25 with WWWEB Publishing who placed me in 200 cool places, including Punjab Online Internet Links!

If are a perfectionist or want to hunt down those specialised sites, www.online-biz.com has a database of 663, and www.a1co.com, 670 locations you could be listed in!