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  • 1) Keywords

    Think about what people are likely to put into the search engine to find your type of service. Not what you want to say.

    Using as an example a Dental Sundries Merchant:

    Don't ignore the obvious. Unless they want sun dried tomatoes, a dentist wouldn't type "sundries". So "products", "goods", "supply"

    Use the forms of words.

    "supply", "supplies" "dentist" "dental"

    Remember some may be looking for specific products or a speciality

    "drills" "burrs" "orthodontic" "orthodontist" "UK"

  • 2) Description

    Make this snappy it will be a bit like a small ad.

    The search engines also look at this when looking for keywords so make it rich in keywords.

    Different locations use different lengths of description so try to make your description make sense if cut off at likely points like 10, 20, 30 words.

    Hold in mind your description will be snipped so write the most important parts first and the least important last.

  • 3) Keep an eye on how you are doing.

    Use to tell you where you are in.

    Which search engines include you.

    And to tell you where you are at.

    Your position in the search engines.

    Also look at signing up with the recycle service which resubmits if you are dropped or nags if your submission fails .

    The strong benefit is, if you resubmit yourself, some search engines see this as an attack and could downgrade or ban you. Recycle checks first!

    It is a good idea, where a competitor comes above you in a search engine to visit their site, look at their source html and see what they are doing.

  • 4) Use meta tags to make the site easier for the search engines. It is simple, check the html on this page using display source!

  • 5) The broadcaster software is programmed to make life easier.

    It guesses what you want, if it guesses wrong, use your BACK button and alter your choice, as long as you don't submit, you can experiment.

  • 6) Keep all your page names (eg:page.html) the same as when you promoted.

    Change the name and when a prospect clicks on you in the search engine listing, the document won't be found. Keep this in mind if you switch from htm to html or introduce frames.

    If you must change the page name, keep a page with the old name which directs surfers to the new page.

  • 7) Relax

    It takes two to six weeks+ to show up on some search engines!

  • 8) For more details on submitting.

  • 9

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