copywriter .co.ukDirect marketing special glasses for night driving

>Initial testing price point should be about $20 but could conceivably >range from $12.95 to $29.95. High volume manufacturing should bring >the cost of goods down to about two or three dollars, although it's >much higher now. It'll come in a minimum of two styles (clip-on and >regular).

>How to sell it? I see 3 options:
> (1) Direct response print ads.
> (2) Direct response TV.
> (3) Retail channel.

At the lower price, I'd say get others to pay for your mail!

Have a look at statement stuffing with American Automobile Association and the like.

At the higher price one can get more flash. If there is an identifiable profile you could start looking at lifestyle lists.

I helped with the launch of Safe'n'Sure in the UK, a product which goes into tyres and automatically patches them when damaged.

ICD, a division of Metromail, could put together a list of people interested in car maintenance (the product needed injecting into the tyres), who had children and were safety conscious.

A tip when buying these lists: an added selection, which costs extra is "mail responsive" this is a waste of money as the prospects are recruited by mail!

If you want to start with vertical markets, look at professional drivers, like truck drivers.

>My biggest concern about DM is what to back-end this with.

You are selling a driving product, so car care, in car coffee makers. Maps. In the UK you can sell Breakdown Insurance in a pack, as a one off product sale! (You are like an agent so there are no strings). You could even put together your own catalogue or card deck.

>Retail could certainly be viable, but unfortunately, my marketing >skill set is weakest in this area. My strength, and the resources of >my company, is focused on direct response (primarily print and mail).
>I'd certainly welcome input from any retail marketing mavens out >there.

I think the light reactive sunglasses product got ripped off pretty quickly, so this could be a make some money and get out project. Anyhow, one could use direct mail to sell into retail. Pricing etc. could be found out by just asking a few retailers.

You did not mention internet sales!