Safe 'n' Sure

Save your life for £29.95.

Cut your chances of a car accident by up to 25%

It happens all the time. Tyres go. Motors crash. In fact, up to 25% of accidents happen this way.

It could be wear, it could be a sudden puncture or burst, it could be fatal.

Yet, now, you can stop most tyre related accidents. Quickly, easily and cheaply.

Puncture proof your car.

Protecting your family is simple. We send you our product, Safe n Sure. You spend 2.5 enjoyable minutes treating each tyre.

Then test it for yourself.

Hammer in a 7mm wide nail. Take it out. The tyre has healed itself. Amazing and totally guaranteed. Repeat the test 200 times on the same tyre, we have.

It is still guaranteed.

NATO, the US Air Force and the Allied Powers (Europe) all use Safe n Sure and have found it effective against 20 gauge shotgun fire. Should a vandal slash your tyres, you would have the last laugh!

Save cash later.

Though you would, obviously, never forgive yourself if a tyre went and a member of your family was injured or killed, let's talk money.

Safe n Sure can fix many damaged tyres, saving you £50, the cost of a new one.

Slow leaks are stopped, the right pressure is retained so less of your expensive petrol is used. Safe n Sure makes your tyre last 1/4 longer, you save the cost of new tyres.

Save cash now.

We want you to have Safe n Sure.

This is reflected in the price, £29.95. Less than £7.50 a tyre. If you want enough Safe n Sure to protect two cars we save on postage, so you pay just £57.95 for the two. (See coupon).

To protect your family, send off the coupon with a cheque. The Safe n Sure will be on its way to you. Direct from Safe n Sure and not available elsewhere.

Yes, I want to protect my family by protecting my tyres.
Please rush me some Safe n sure Puncture Proof.