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>I'm looking for an agency or person to sell ads for my internet site.

Got a mirror there?

· Ok, how many visitors do you get? Who are they? Who would this be attractive to?

· Write this up in html and put it on your site, with a graphic which makes an offer like "click here to advertise to xx,0000 wigiteers" If you're a huckster, you can add "for $x" (don't forget to repeat the message in the alt tag!

· Now for pricing, have reports on typical prices per hit or thousand.

Another approach would be to check out the ratecards of the banner programs on Doubleclick pricesand via Linkexchange Sponsors. Then weight your prices according to the added value of your specialised audience.

This will cater for the prospective advertisers visiting your site.

· Others can be informed by writing a signature or tag file which advertises your site to surfers and repeats the media offer to advertisers.

This file can then follow your contributions to discussions and go out
with your normal email.

· An alternative approach is to, rather than just think in terms of advertising, ask the question "how can I generate income from my site?"

Possible answers are to contact companies in your industry seeking sponsorship or offer something for sale from your site, maybe on a profit share basis with the supplier.