Web Design

Want the best site in the world? Here's how!

  • Figure out what you want your site to do. Is it just a fun site or are you getting into Internet Marketing?

  • Get great content.

  • Check out other sites, read the html, see what you like, what works and what doesn't.

  • Avoid everything which you find annoying

  • Create easy graphics we can all enjoy whatever speed the net is going at. Cut down those file sizes without losing quality to around 10-20k. It's simple, to find out how check out theBandwidth Conservation Site

  • Use html! Future Publishing publishes .net magazine which had a simple HTML book free with issue 14.

  • Be careful with <Pre>, it can put
    the text all over the place!

  • Get to the point using <ul>s and <li>s to make bullet points rather than going on and on..

  • Become a net slob! Make a page you like, then do all the others with the same commands, just changing the contents. It makes for a clean easy site!

  • If you want to be read, be readable, check your backgrounds and colour.

  • Have big stuff ftp-able or use an emailing cgi script cgi scripts

  • If you want response, ask for it!

  • Interactivity is cool, get with those links

  • Make one of them www.copywriter.co.uk !