copywriter .co.ukExpanding a video duplicating business with marketing

>Any suggestions on how I can increase my videotape duplication >business would be greatly appreciated. Since potential duplication >clients are not a vertical market, I find it difficult to zero in on a
>cost effective method of reaching new business.

If you are looking to cater to mail order publishers:-

Offer to quickly supply orders both large and small on demand.

Suppose you are in direct marketing selling a video, You'ld ideally like a few demo and review copies to start with.

Then you would want a small quantity for early orders.

Then as orders come in you would want more and more videos in response.

If you can keep the small run prices down and quality up, you would be providing a valuable service.

The key benefit is that you are reducing the cost and risk of the project. If it fails the publisher is not left with lots of copies.

Another service you can offer is to handle the whole process from duplication to mail. This would appeal to companies and charities sending out videos instead of brochures.

If you can offer an ordertaking as well as despatch service this could be valuable to mail order clients.

Also talk to production houses and see if you can create all inclusive deals.