Ideas for a premium sweet maker

>My product is a candy of excellent quality and overall presentation. >The competitor has a low presentation one. >I am starting my small business now and they have been a couple years. >Should I produce a similar to theirs besides my one, or should I keep only >one? >99 or 30 cents?
>ps They are selling.
>Thanks for the advise

1) Make clear why you have the price difference, justify it on the packaging, x percent nuts, etc.

2) If the retailers get a higher margin from your sweets they may put them by the till increasing impulse buys. This seems to happen a lot with novelty candies, eg ones with plastic toys.

3) There is a company in the uk who will put your company colours, logo etc on mints, this finds a market with exhibitors, airlines, etc.

4) There is a diabetic and sugarfree/kind to teeth sweet racket

5) collectable cards/ stickers.

6) Have you got a decent name for the product?