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>I made the experience that explaining features and possible contents for a new web site is very tiring and does not promise success if the auditorium does not consist of people with a minimum of web experience.

A lot of advertising is defensive, show Panasonic the Sony website and you are half way to a sale. Even sending them colour prints of a rival site would be strong selling point.

This is what Sony are presenting to 40 million potential customers.

You can also get demographic information on net users from ie: who they are, ages, income, etc. The internet profile would be attractive to advertisers.

"do now is setting up a paper which gives them the change >to determine the $ value of a hit on their site."

This is more difficult. You could compare it to the cost of delivering a direct mail message.

Even more persuasive would be a fulfilment argument.

The advertiser pays for an ad, they pay for the telemarketing agency and fulfilment house to take the response and data capture it. They pay for the printed brochure (you could itemise this!) then they pay for the mail.

Compare this with, they pay for the ad, and people look up the site, and guess what, for many of the hits, you don't even need the ad!