Ideas to help an outlet in a bad location.

The problem was running a store selling clothing, luggage and leatherwear from an unfavourable retail location.

· 1) Down and dirty posters with big prices up around the shopping center could be an idea, increasing your presence and attracting business.

· 2) Some jeans stores give away a free t-shirt when you buy a pair of jeans, this seems to work really well. T shirts can come quite cheap.

· 3) A variation on the above is free tie with every shirt.

· 4) In London, you get people with tables in shopping centres, the street, sometimes in the tube (underground station) selling leathergoods, t- shirts etc, perhaps you could have such a table in the centre or elsewhere, instead of a move or second store, even a chain of tables!

· 5) These tables often go for a three for x amount deal.

· 6) Tables as above + Markets, car boot sales, handing out cards or maps to the retail site with offers.

· 7) Do kids have to wear school uniform in the US? If so getting shirts etc. which look like the local uniform at a knock down price could be a winner, also getting referrals parent to parent.

· 8) Consider pester power and parents wish to treat by catering to kids. Kids purses, like the classic zip up ladybird and badgemaking are ideas.

· 9) Check out the surrounding stores, maybe getting reasonably priced childrenswear is a problem.

· 10) Test handing out flyers with big offers on them

· 11) Consider ways of making your products unique, perhaps by offering iron on t-shirt lettering, or printing on shirts.

· 12) If DIY iron on lettering is hard to get, it would may be worth offering.

· 13) I've heard the secret key to US retail success is "The Big Bargain".