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Usenet question:

Tell me is there a market out there for my product?

I've created and obtained a copyright on a reusable fax cover letter. It is currently being used in my office of 9 employees and they all seem to love it. It is estimated that if we use it on a regular basis it willsave use 6200 sheets of paper a year. That is a lot of natural resources, if you do the math. What is your feeling? If I were able to put together a mass marketing program would there be a need or want for something like this. I have sold a few to other businesses with a good response. Would any of you out there like one? Please I need your input.


Careful you don't make a mistake another company did.

The product was fax senders. You could put newspaper cuttings etc. into a reusable plastic product. The bits were held in place when you put them through the fax.

I wanted one, a few others I have mentioned them to wanted one. Viking had them.

In large boxfuls!

Apparently, they did not sell too well and were dropped.