copywriter .co.ukInhouse volume personal mail!

With frequent volume mailing, subcontracting can get expensive. An option is to take direct mail production inhouse, which is now possible with this new invention.

Target are a client, with a great product!

Inhouse Direct Mail

Dear prospect,

How would it be if you could go to an office down the hall, to a machine easier to use than a photocopier, and ask it to print out a huge direct mail campaign, ready to post, with graphics, personalisation and barcoded mailsorting?

And what if the print quality were as crisp as this letter, the print speed were a fraction of a second each personalised page and you could be creative and print miniature A3 posters or brochures with your letters?

And if printing were cheap at under 1p an impression, however small the run, you could print your manuals, correspondence and stationery, and the machine were virtually jam free and intelligent enough to correct itself, automatically warning you and reprinting any pages if there were a hiccup?

Astonishingly, this amazing machine, which lets you literally take direct mail in-house exists. It is not just a rich multinational's plaything.

The cost of revolutionising communications allowing data privacy, quick rate changes, split run copy testing, quick entry into the mail, localisation and outstanding returns on investment every mailing? 25495 or 100 a week.

Interested? Call Reg Duncan on 01992 712118.

Yours sincerely

Reg Duncan
Managing Director

PS: Everything you see in this package was printed in-house especially for you using the Target system.