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If your mail is correctly addressed it can be delivered more easily. Proper postcoding can also save you serious money when volume mailing.

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Enter details of UK address (letter box) to find the full Royal Mail address and postcode for it. If the address detail you supply returns more than one possible answer, we'll supply the first 50 matches we find. Many addresses can be located by just entering a street address like '51 Meadowfoot Road' or a name 'AFD Software'. More common addresses like '12 High Street' are best entered with a Town or County name.

If you are unsure which part of the address you have, check the wide search option box - and we'll look in all fields for your data, but this will be a bit slower.

If you are not certain of the spelling of an address element, place a '$' in front of the entry - like $51 Medofut Rode'

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Your choice! Search information from Zipaddress or fromUSPS


Try out the speed and power of ZipAddress to lookup Zip+4 codes or find addresses from almost any fragment in the USPS Zip+4 database. To conserve resources, searches are limited to the first 50 results in the case of ambiguous addresses - and with a search time-limit of around 10 seconds maximum.

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Enter an address. If found in the USPS database, this lookup will standardize the address and return the ZIP+4 Code.

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If you prefer an offline solution have a downloadable demo of their international postcode software.