copywriter"Of robots, teddy bears and lawyers..."

"Just a quick question here.. Let's say I bought the ORIGINAL R2D2 from George Lucas. What am I allowed to do with it?"

R2D2 and C3P0 were well and sitting in the window of Planet Hollywood in London, off Piccadily Circus. They gave me pleasure everytime I passed but most people seemed not to notice. I don't think they sell postcards.

Your rights would depend on the terms of the sale. Recently a teddy bear who had travelled the world in his own BBC TV series was sold at auction in London. Copyright rights were explicitly included.

"Could I use it to endorse products, rent it out to do still photos for a grand opening. etc... any sources for info you could point me to would be appreciated..

Marketing Links, Trademark would be a starting point.

"And NO... I'm NOT buying R2D2.. Just an example being used here.. so NO HARRASSING EMAIL FROM STAR WARS PEOPLE!!!"

Just a visit from an enraged Bruce, Arnie and Sly. Nothing to worry about.

· Note copywriter = creative marketing writer, not legal dude. (well, I did law at A level so mini legal dude - leg dud?)