copywriter .co .ukFinding Mailing Lists

An amazing Internet service to find lists in the UK, the US and internationally has been set up by List Link.

If you go to their site,www.list-link.comyou can find your own list.

Other online list sources include: (The Mail Marketing Group, mainly UK) mainly US (American List Counsel a UK source for US lists lets you do a UK count for various targets are a UK consumer list source with many datasheets

Many difficult markets can be reached by renting lists of relevant magazine readers. To find specialised magazines or in the UK check out BRAD Media directory at your library or online

If you would like help, get a list broker, list brokers are paid for by the list owners so are free to you.

There is a US Service called Marketing Information Network (mIn) which claims to have a list of almost every US and Canadian list and weird media.

They give this info to 400 associated list brokers. The list of the list brokers can be had from lists& or fax 405 575 1055.

The service to brokers includes a Toll Free number with a database searchable using keywords.