copywriter .co.ukLeafleting Secrets

· It makes sense to look beyond price.

One of my clients was in leafleting and used to get his customers impressive results.

· Remember that the workers and organisers have to be paid, the organiser takes a cut and the rest is passed onto the worker. If the amount is too little, the worker is demotivated and the job is not done well.

· Some workers dump leaflets, this needs watching.

· Multiple leaflets are often put through each door, the secret is to put as many leaflets in the door as there are door bells.

· A low cost per leaflet, which the job might be sold to you on, makes a high cost per contact and order if each household receives two leaflets!

· In apartment buildings, leaving a pile in the lobby is a waste. If possible it is better to gain access and go to each internal door.

· Pick building types and areas according to your market.

· Ignore idiot experts; a retailer friend asked me about leafleting, I started telling him about how postcodes have been demographically profiled and how you can buy the walkcodes. He replied "we know what nice houses in nice streets look like, John!"

· Have a strong simple message and offer.

· Ensure the leafleting is done within your service area.