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"It let's businesses give their prospect or a client a certificate for 2 Free Round Trip Airplane tickets to Hawaii, the Caribbean or Mexico as an incentive to buy now or to bump up to a larger purchase or as a thank you for giving some really strong endorsed referrals, and these certificates cost the business just $15 apiece in a block of 100."

>My questions are, What are your suggestions for marketing this to >businesses?

Ask yourself, if you ran a business, or even better, a sales promotion agency, where would you go to look for promotional ideas?

I've had this problem when helping clients.

So what did I do? I looked through the marketing directories under incentives, looked at the back of the marketing magazines and get hold of the magazines aimed at sales promotion and incentives people and chatted to a couple of sourcing companies. If this problem occurred more often, I'd go to a premiums exhibition and fill a bag to put on file.

Your scheme would worry me, does it work by most people not cashing the vouchers, or by huge hidden costs like hotel bills?

If you were a client, I would ask you to examine your profit margin and see how many responses you need to cover advertising costs. Then you could choose from the above possibilities on the grounds of how likely readers are to respond and possible value of order from each medium.

>How would I go about marketing this to businesses on the Internet?

There are good articles about this by John Gerits, Peter Meyer and Teresita Dabrieo.

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