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"Anyone have suggestions and or info on how to obtain marketing lead for replacement windows, vinyl siding, and sunrooms?"

    • 1) Lifestyle lists. Several companies send out long questionnaires to consumers asking about purchasing plans. If they tick the "replacement window"box, you got a lead!

    • 2) Retirement and old age homes. This is a booming market, if one advertises it has a "sunroom" it can charge more. You are selling a valuable business benefit.

    • <3) Planning. If there are road schemes, airports, etc. being built or planned the houses around will be in the market for heftier noise blocking windows.

    • 4) Police and private security firms. When do you need a new window? When the old one is broken! Make sure you are called after each break in, burglary etc!

    • 5) PR. Show the local press and small magazines how great vinyl sidings look, life in your own glazed indoors garden, growing orchids in spring etc.

    • 6) Lists. You can buy lists of people who have made planning applications. in the UK, one source is The Glenigan Group