Ftpmail is some find! Getting downloads over the net can be stressful, expensive in time and money and bring howls of despair as downloads get cut off.

You could use ftpmail instead.

You ask for the file by email, then all the slow transfer takes place while you are offline, you then download the file with your email.

Find an ftp mail site using a search engine.

One example is Imperial College in London; a large building with covered walkway in front, between the Albert Hall and Science Museum.

Here's how to use FTPMail:



write "ftpmail" as the subject

put this in the message:


and you will get a helpfile, basically all you do is send a message that says something like:

size 512000
send pub/?????/ - address of the file in the section for your computer, search the site and put your pointer over the file name to get this!

Or use www.shareware.com to obtain your file's address.