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Fax Tips:
  • Consider a bureaux, in the UK subcontracting costs something like 8 pence a page, unless you want something fancy like the name matched in in an identical typeface, faxing inhouse could be more trouble than it is worth.

  • There is an internet based service www.faxaway.comwhich can send faxes nationally and internationally to your emailed mailing list. Faxaway charge by the minute, so some test faxes to discover the cost per fax would be a good idea.

  • If doing it yourself, check the number of retries in your software and set it to 0. You could be wasting money on numbers which are not faxes and time retrying faxes not online or defunct lines.

    You can retry the failures another time.

  • Check the legality in the US!
    The rule is something like; only being allowed to fax to people you have a pre-existing relationship with.

  • As the recipient pays, make damn sure your offer or information is definitely worth the pennies!

  • Be polite add something like Write "Thank you for letting me use your fax machine" large at the bottom!

  • It is also a good filter, if you offer a service would you want to have to deal someone who bitches over a few pennies worth of fax paper?