You wouldn't let your property without

The Downland Quadruple Guarantee.

Would you?

Downland Property Letting

Taking the risk out of letting.

They said there were no guarantees in the property market.

They lied.

You've been told the horror stories; the gamble you take allowing strangers to live in your property, the payment hassles, the simple sleep eroding stress.

But you want to earn some good money from your property.

Life's tough and it's time for some property owner's rights.

Introducing something unique. The Downland Quadruple Guarantee.

Designed to protect you four ways, the Guarantee is in addition to our securing you a good financial income and providing great service.

The Downland Quadruple Guarantee

Protecting you four ways.

1) Downland promise to let your property at the right price.

2) Downland undertake to pay you all a tenant owes if the tenant leaves before the end of their contract.

3) If you give Downland sole agency and we do not find a tenant within 14 days, Downland will pay your rent.

4) Downland pledge that your tenant will be suitable for your property.

1) The right price promise.

Like all in the property business, Downland promise to let your property at the best price possible.

Unlike others we deliver. Guaranteed.

This is because Downland are letting agents and managers. Pure and simple. Letting is what we enjoy and letting is what we focus on and what we have become extremely good at.

We know the market and are acknowledged experts. The company professionals recommend to professionals, who corporate clients trust to relocate their executives and insurance companies turn to when they need to pay for accommodation.

Unlike companies more geared to selling houses, Downland are not interested in grabbing a quick percentage and closing your file. We are concerned about giving you the best possible service so that you will want to let your property with Downland into the next century.

The Downland Checklist.

Your free guide to maximising rental income.

Downland have discovered what makes tenants happy.

And a happy tenant is prepared to pay that little bit extra.

When Downland have inspected your property we will draw up for you your very own Downland Checklist.

This will contain a helpful, comprehensive list of items tenants will expect to find in your type of property and something even more valuable:

A personal, ready to use checklist, which room by room, details what a tenant would ideally like to see in your property.

The idea? To, often using cheap and simple methods, justify a higher price, earning you sometimes hundreds of pounds extra income each year.

Free, invaluable and all part of the Downland service.

2) The Downland Indemnity.

At the moment if a tenant leaves early, with rental debts, it's tough.

Tough on you, the property owner.

Downland think this is unfair, you gave the tenant your property, you should be paid.

How do you like this guarantee? If a Downland tenant leaves without paying, Downland will pay you.

That's right, at Downland we are so sure of the quality of our tenants, we are putting our own money on the line.

In our experience, happy tenants pay and stay and Downland endeavour to keep tenants happy.

On the first day your tenants arrive at your property they find it professionally cleaned and are surprised and delighted to find The Downland Welcome Pack with essential supplies and a local guide.

The service continues with regular rent collection, the Downland Telephone Hotline to solve worries before they become problems and quarterly inspections of your property.

As well as keeping the tenant happy, the Downland service helps justify your pricing, is free to you, and ensures you receive regular reports.

If any minor repair like a leaking tap is needed, Downland will contact suppliers who give us a good deal because of our purchasing power, and recover the sum from the tenant if appropriate. If more serious work needs to be done, you will be immediately informed and if you wish, Downland will approach companies we have worked with for quotations and oversee the work.

Some property owners like the Downland service so much, they ask us to oversee regular household cleaning, decoration work, interior design, conversion of shells into homes, building, purchasing of contents and much more.

3) Downland pay you if you receive no suitable offer in 14 working days.

At Downland, we want to be your sole letting agent. That way we know that all the hard work we put in on your behalf will not be wasted.

But why should you trust us, when others have abused your trust?

Simply, Downland are willing to pay for the exclusive rights to your property out of our own pocket if we don't deliver.

Give us 14 working days, from giving Downland your sole instruction, if after that time we have not obtained a suitable offer, Downland will pay your rent.

No, not from the end of the 14 working days. You'll get your money paid from the very day you signed us up as sole agent!

For too long property owners have paid for the inefficiencies of suppliers and Downland thinks this is unfair and if something is unfair it needs to be changed.

The risk of giving Downland sole agency is all Downland's.

Our reasoning? We back our judgement. If we believe that we can let your property at an agreed price level, we trust our expertise and take on your sole instruction.

It's our decision and our business risk. You are trusting and relying on our expertise and should not suffer if we get it wrong.

4) The right tenant pledge.

The quick fix is easy.

There are lots of students, social security cases and people who try to steal the Downland stationary looking for lettings.

It would be simple to install them in any property that comes along and take what money we can.

Downland are more sophisticated than this and look to having a longterm relationship with you. We are therefore stricter than most when it comes to references.
The bank manager is contacted, the employer is contacted, the previous landlord is contacted.

Hence your guarantee that, within reasonable foreseeability, any tenant we find for you will be a suitable tenant.

In most cases, we are dealing with much loved, select properties and can find tenants with the correct credentials through our contacts.

Downland are not snobs, however, and will not ignore the wider market for lettings if relevant and you agree.

If your property is quite sparse, for instance, having a crowd, each paying a small amount adding up to an above market rent, may be a fine solution,

If your property is a well appointed mansion, this letting idea would be a disaster.

Call it common sense, call it guaranteed.

Going abroad?

Or have someone coming to the UK?

Downland is part of an international group of property companies and have sibling companies or affiliates around the world.

This means Downland's service is global and we can offer you a complete relocation service.

If you like the sound of this, or know someone abroad who wants planet proportioned service, discuss it with Downland.

Note: This brochure is a free information service and is not intended to contractually bind you or Downland. Though we do our best for you, Downland accept no liability in the event of rapidly changing circumstances, actions of clients and circumstances which cannot be reasonably foreseen.