copywriter .co.ukFurniture customer loyalty programs

>The big challenge in developing this type of program for the furniture >industry is the low frequency of purchase. I would appreciate any >thoughts on a program that builds loyalty either through a communication>program or, a frequent "flyer" type program.

Another way to enhance loyalty is to make the product different.

Suppose your client produced furniture in special colours no one else had, anyone wanting coordinates would have to come back.

With computers and colour specification systems like pantone, perhaps customers can be given the service of picking their own colours.

Your bedroom the colour of your favourite flower, your kitchen the hue of your most loved blouse etc.

In a little village in England called Kilburn, there is a long established furniture maker who creates panelling in stately homes as well cupboards etc.

Over each piece they produce runs a little carved mouse, which stands out like a chocolate mouse. Search their work, and somewhere you find a mouse scurrying.

For loyalty it's probably the cat's whiskers.