copywriter .co.ukA star on your website?

>:Hi, I am creating a web page to sell children's golf clubs, and I feel
>:that Tiger Woods is a natural tie in to people interested in my

Has the stripy one got a favourite, especially children's charity, which you could devote some space to? You could even set up an appeal online.

He might lend his name, photo etc. to this for free.

In which case, you get the celebrity on your site, a charity gets a web space, PR and perhaps some money, everyone's happy.

If funds permit, you could make an opening donation, generating more PR, possibly even donating a little on each sale. The theme could run through your promotions, advertising, and point of sale.

It is of course possible that Tiger Woods has an exclusivity agreement with another manufacturer. This would become apparent when you make contact.

Also consider the unforeseeable, which can not be foreseen.

There's a classic UK case called, I think, Tolley vs Fry. Tolley was an amateur cricketer, who Fry, the chocolate maker featured in an advertisement. He successfully sued them for libel as the reasonable person would believe he had been paid for the ad., making him appear a professional posing as an amateur i.e. a liar.