copywriter .co.ukCash register coupons

>We would be greatly interested in hearing any opinions on the >effectiveness of those coupons that you get on the back of your cash >register tape. Especially as they pertain to a book store - or >similar type store.

A lot of these coupons seem to be for offers outside the customer area of the store which is probably a mistake.

There is a system from Catalina Marketing which prints coupons in response to customer purchases. The idea is that if you buy Heinz caviar, you get a coupon for Campbells caviar.

This could work for a book store; someone buys spices, gets a cook book offer, cat food, gets a how to talk to your cat book offer, buys individually shrink wrapped peas, gets diy lobotomy offer etc.

It may not be possible to buy till coupons in just one store.

>What offers seem to generate the best results

It would have to be something very simple and quick to understand with a fast, short benefit or problem driven headline.

>We know and love them for pizza's and subs, but are having trouble >assessing their relevance to our business.

If you are city centre, also look at commuter tickets, London Underground, surprisingly, has a more upmarket profile and fashion outlets advertise and repeat.

If you like the store idea, also look at community boards and take ones.