copywriter .co.ukBusiness on the Internet

Information about commerce and the types of prospect on the internet seem hard to find.

Unless you know where to look!

Here's where!

Is a site you can search with summaries of published research about commercial internet use and links, sometimes leading to an online report.

They also have a free monthly email newsletter, workaholics can email surveys-request& with the word 'subscribe' in the subject line, everyone else can simply click the link.

The surveys contradict each other so whether optimist or pessimist, you'll be kept happy.

some interesing snippets are:

    • Travel industry fastest growing (Jupiter Communications),
    • A 3rd of online newspapers make money (Newspaper Association of America).
    • Most popular net purchases Pc software, books, cds/tapes (J C).
    • Other- pc hardware, air tickets, clothes consumer electronics (NFO Interactive).

Other sites with data about business on the net include:

computerworld top 100
which has a chart profiling the 100 top money earners on the net and articles.

PC Week Top 10
Without Casey Casem but with more profiles, and yet more reading!

With report extracts about how various business sectors fair on the net and pretty graphs. shareholder information An online retailer who have published their figures and a lot of other indiscrete insider goodies on their website.
Who give the UK sites registered with them by number of hits, of which many are commercial. Of interest because traffic is required for business and this gives an indication of the sort of thing surfers look for.