copywriter .co.ukBrochure Tips

How to put together professional looking sales materials without going broke:

  • 1) Don't over order, getting a few copies if that's all you need, at a high cost each is cheaper than getting lots at a lower unit price cluttering your office.
  • 2) You may discover a different angle to selling your business or find your prices are wrong, so maybe start with simpler or less literature.
  • 3) If the literature is meant to last a long time, be careful about putting pricing on.
  • 4) If a short time, think about printing prices BIG so you look good value!
  • 5) Consider postcards, several postcards with a letter can replace a brochure.
  • 6) There are printers who do full colour from disc. This cuts out the cost of pre press and saves a lot of money.
  • 7) If you use a folder with loose sheets, your "brochure" is easy To update, change and even make up special for each prospect.
  • 8) It might be cheaper for few prospects to do a colour print or photocopy for each prospect.
  • 9) If the prospects are really valuable, you could include their company Info on the colour print.
  • 9) Check your phonecode, email or other information won't change shortly!
  • 10) Think about postal weight. Going up a weight/price band will add considerably to your costs.