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I had a client who was self publishing book and video combinations for small business. She had terrific problems, having to sell direct via direct mail and employing an army of commissioned sales people to try to sell into the independant book sellers.

Both required forgoing a large percentage of the price to achieve sales and she has given up and changed her business to internet design.

I think in the UK, booksellers buy direct from publishers. As an individual, especially abroad it would be a hard slog doing the rounds, as well as not knowing what payment etc. is appropriate.

Maybe the solution would be to look for a literary agent, and as it is probably the same amount of difficulty but greater gains because of the size of the market look at the US first.

A great site on the internet giving hands on information including a list of UK and US agents and publishers is

another approach would be to spend some time in a bookshop and see if a publisher is publishing similar books where yours will be a good fit and contact them directly:

The Publishers Association
more publishers.

The major retailer in the UK is WH Smith, if you can sell in there, other booksellers may follow sheeplike!

There is a list at:

UK booksellers and library suppliers

In the US Quality Books 815-732-4450 distribute books and videos to libraries.