Practical use of aromatherapy in retailing.

There is a case for using smell as a retailing tool. A photographer asked about this.

Try a book on aromatherapy, there is an excellent one for 2 Card Deck ad.pounds which describes what to do, the various oils and has an index of psychological states to fix.

So you photograph kids:

  • Short attention span - Basil

  • tantrum- chamomile
    Subjects are nervous

  • Stagefright - lavender, ylang ylang

    you want a relaxing environment

  • relaxing - clarysage, lavender, majoram, rosewood.

The book is called Aromatherapy A guide for home use.

iSBN 0-9517723-0-9

Amberwood Publishing ltd
Mulbery Court
Stour Road
Dorset UK
BH23 1PS
+44 1202 487733

£2 U.K. pounds + At 46 pages, post should not be too bad.

I have no connection to this company, the book came as part of the brief from a client who was direct marketing aromatherapy!

Supplies and specific advice on using aromatherapy products in retail can be had from:
Worldly Wicked & Wise
81 Salusbury Road
+44 171 372 110