Telephone Numbers

Both in the US and the Uk there are Personal or vanity telephone numbers.
  • 1) It is a gamble, do you believe that enough businesses will take up the number to make it well known? (Look at 0345 and some of other special numbers).

  • 2) Being an early adopter means you can get the best number. This could mean either:

    • a) Alphanumeric, you could get a number that spells out your business type or name on phones (e.g. T R A I N I N G) with letters - this is big in the US so could be over here soon.

    • b) Shape - e.g. 1232580 - try it, you spell out T for training!
      This number could become a valuable asset.

  • 3)Check how much you and your callers have to pay in call charges. If a client discovers they are paying mobile rates every time they speak to you, this could be a disincentive to giving you business.